Quality Management

The FELEZFORM Co. has the Quality Management 

 systems of :


        ISO 9002:2000 From Tuv-nord .


        ISO TS 16949:2002 From Tuv-nord .

click here to learn more about ISO TS 16949:2002 2nd Edition rules .


        Grade B+ sapco (including Sogedac 97 ,

        QS9000 and Customer related specifications ) .

click here to learn more about  SAPCO 79 requirements  . The language is Persian.



 Available Quality Control Tests

       Hardness Measuring

       Coating Thickness measuring

       Surface Roughness measuring 

       Profile Projector controlling (Up to  0.001 mm ) 

       Different kinds of dimensional controlling equipment

        are also available.

       The in-line process controls by Digital Calipers are automatically documented in computer ( Calculating Cp and Cpk  of the each manufacturing process at any   inspection - time period ) .