Technology and Manufacturing processes

We Offer different machining Manufacturing services .

 The main processing methods , are available now :

        Milling process

       Turning  process

       Boring process

       Girding process

       Drilling process

       Brazing and welding process

       Coating and Anodizing process

       Quality Control Tests


       Final products  Related- Tests


Milling and Manual turning Saloon


we are  ready to spend enough funds on special and other

 technological manufacturing processes,  according to the decision

 has been made by the board of FELEZFORM co. to be extended as

 an international Company


PLC and Automatic turning Machines



Design and development Capabilities

       Use of design, engineering services (Cad / Cam) and Quality control software.

       Use and development of precision measurement laboratory.

       Development of Design and Assemblies sections.

  Total  factory Area

About  5,400    SQ meters

In-Process Quality Controlling

Hardness Measuring

Coating Thickness measuring

Surface Roughness measuring 

Profile Projector controlling

 (Up to  0.001 mm ) 

Different kinds of dimensional

  controlling equipment are also


The in-line process controls

  by Digital Calipers are

  automatically documented in

  computer ( Calculating Cp and

 Cpk of the each manufacturing

  process at any  inspection

  - time period ) .


Engineering department